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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Before making travel plans with your pet, check with your veterinarian to make sure your pet is physically prepared to make the trip. Some dogs and cats do not travel well. Follow these tips that may make your trip with your pet more enjoyable:

Make sure your pet's vaccinations are current.
Bring along a portable kennel when staying in a hotel room or in the homes of friends and relatives.
If you leave your pet alone in a hotel room, be sure to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door so housekeepers will not knock on the door. It's a good idea to inform the hotel lobby clerks that you are leaving your pet in the room while you're away.
Never leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle. On a hot day, even with the windows open, a parked automobile can become a furnace in no time, and heatstroke can develop. In cold weather, a car can act as a refrigerator, holding in the cold and causing the animal to freeze to death.
Take along items that are familiar, such as favorite toys, blankets, food, and travel bowls .
Properly identify your pet with a collar tag or microchip and bring along a picture of your pet. Keep you pet on a leash when outside your car or hotel.
Bring along copies of recent veterinary records including vaccination records .
Bring bottled water or tap water from home to prevent stomach upset.
If traveling by air always check with the airline for the procedures.
You may want to consider a local reputable kennel for your pet or check with a pet sitter if your pet is would be more comfortable at home.

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