NYC VERT is a dedicated group of professionals who joined together after the events of September 11, 2001. We have worked steadily with the NYC Office of Emergency Management to develop disaster planning for NYC’s pets. NYC VERT is part of the Animal Planning Task Force and work closely with many agencies throughout the tri-state area. Our mission is to ensure that qualified veterinary care is available during disaster responses in our city.

New York City Veterinary Emergency Response Team (NYC VERT) is a volunteer group of veterinarians and animal health professionals dedicated to the support of New York City’s working and companion animals in times of disaster. When called upon by local government, authorized non-profit and private agencies, NYC-VERT will mobilize to assist in the following areas:

  1. Triage, emergency medical treatment, and on-site support of working animals at designated emergency response locations
  2. Medical assessment, and temporary relocation, care, and provision of shelter for companion animals during designated city crises.
  3. Cooperation before, during and in the aftermath of emergencies in planning, preparedness and mitigation activities to ensure dissemination of accurate crisis response information.
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