About Us

About Us

The Suffolk County SPCA is a local, independent not-for-profit organization that has been servicing the humane needs, requirements, and enforcement of cruelty laws for Suffolk County, New York animals since 1984.

NY State Law provides that there is to be but only one SPCA per county in the State – the Suffolk County SPCA is in no way affiliated with, not a subdivision of, nor is it funded by the Manhattan based ASPCA, or any other local, state or national organization. The Suffolk County SPCA enforces and charges individuals of the public who violate cruelty to animals laws strictly within the County of Suffolk, NY.  We are the only authorized SPCA tasked with enforcing and protecting the animals within Suffolk County, NY.  Please support the Suffolk County SPCA.

The Suffolk County SPCA has officers who are authorized by the NYS Criminal Procedure Law to investigate and arrest any member of the public who violates the various cruelty to animals laws.  Those Suffolk County SPCA officers are initially trained in the police academy and are certified in police procedures, laws, and firearms qualifications pursuant to the strict standards set forth by NYS, and are further required to re-qualify in the use of their firearms, physical force, deadly physical force, baton, and OC spray on a yearly basis as mandated by the NYS Dept. of Criminal Justice Services, and have further training specific to all types of animal related cases and handling of such animals as dogs, cats, wild birds, reptiles, wildlife, horses and cattle, wildlife, dog fighting and cock fighting.  The Suffolk SPCA has handled virtually every type of animal such as alligators, tigers, venomous snakes, snapping turtles, venomous spiders, and wild dangerous animals.

The Suffolk County SPCA responds to animal cruelty, abuse, neglect, abandonment, animal fighting ventures, and animal hoarding cases where individuals harbor astounding amounts of different animals in their home under neglect, and forced to live and die in horrendous deplorable conditions in their own feces and urine with little to no food, clean water, shelter, wholesome air, or proper sustenance and shelter.  In addition to the Suffolk County SPCA's law enforcement functions, the agency also conducts numerous humane programs such as rabies vaccination clinics, spay/neuter programs, school education classroom lectures on the humane treatment of animals, festivals/fairs, and humane education to the general public.

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