Emergency Animal Response Team (E.A.R.T.)

The mission of the Suffolk County SPCA Emergency Animal Response Team (EART) is to provide for the safe handling and disposition of animals when either animals or people are in danger. This is the primary team responds to all emergency calls for assistance from municipal agencies or other groups involving rescues, captures, and legal seizures of animals. These requests will include but not be limited to amphibians, large farm animals, vicious animals, reptiles, possible rabid animals, mud and water rescues. Each team members primary goal shall be to ensure these animals are treated humanely and relocated to a safe to and appropriate environment.

The Emergency Animal Rescue Team (E.A.R.T.) of the Suffolk County S.P.C.A. is tasked to:

1. After review of the request to provide assistance to any outside agency or person requesting the specialized services of the Emergency Animal Rescue Team on a 24 hour basis.

2. Provide transportation of animals to shelters, veterinary hospitals and other locations for treatment and housing.

3. Provide educational information to local law enforcement personnel and the general public through seminars, publications, demonstrations, press releases and other means as required.

4. Establish a training curriculum and baseline standards for team member’s professional development.

5. Development of Emergency Animal Response Protocols in conjunction with Federal, State and Local guidelines for standardization of response by members of the E.A.R.T.