The Suffolk County SPCA provides an unique number of services and programs unlike any SPCA in the country! Our MASH unit, conducts spay/neuter clinics, provides educational programs, and supports senior citizens with the maintenance of their pets. In addition , the agency provides spay/neuter services to tens of thousands of feral animals, while assisting the residents of Suffolk County by providing for the health and safety of their pets. Our civilian workers are volunteers, from all walk of life, who work on humane support services (free rabies clinics, spay/neuter programs, animal rescue) that the Suffolk County SPCA provides for Suffolk County residents and their pets and homeless animals. Our peace officers are both active and retired law enforcement personnel who enforce the New York State Agriculture and Market Law with regard to the prevention of mistreatment and cruelty to animals. Recent events propelled the Suffolk County SPCA into an additional role, that it is very proud of, the Suffolk County SPCA directly supports the efforts of the various Federal, State and Municipal K-9 rescue services in the five state area. The Suffolk County SPCA is willing and ready to continue providing these essential services to the county, state and nation.