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There simply are not enough homes for all the animals born. 
It's a horrifying fact that on an average day there are unwanted animals are destroyed in Suffolk County.  This includes dogs and cats of every breed and every age.  Being cute, cuddly or even a purebred doesn't save their lives.  In order to provide a home for every animal in Suffolk County, the average household would have to accommodate a houseful animal!  See how the Suffolk County SPCA is working to reduce those perilous odds.

Mobile Spay/Neuter Animal Hospital


M.A.S.H our Spay/Neuter Bus is a fully-equipped traveling spay/neuter clinic complete with 23 stainless steel kennels, a surgery table, anesthesia machines, a veterinarian and support staff.  The goal is to spay or neuter up to 25 pets each time it makes a stop in a neighborhood.  It also serves as a veterinary and medical facility during local disasters, as it did at Ground Zero on Sept. 11th for 51 days.  It also serves as an educational resource for children and adults - providing that all-important information on the real responsibilities of pet ownership. The bus will provide service to neighborhoods and individuals where the need is greatest.

Bus Details

The facts

         Pet overpopulation is a huge and expensive problem in the U.S.

         It means that nationally 2.9 million dogs, 3 million cats and 972,400 other species of pets are destroyed every year.

         In Suffolk County numerous pets are killed each year - primarily because they are unwanted.

         The most important way to keep dogs and cats from ending up as "throw-a-ways" is to educate pet owners and to spay and neuter pets.

The details

         The goal of the M.A.S.H. Spay/Neuter Bus is to bring affordable spay/neuter procedures to the neighborhoods in Suffolk County that need it most.

         The bus is a 40 foot diesel bus equipped with everything necessary to reach low income owners in their very own neighborhoods.

         The bus is one of only 20 vehicles in the country equipped as a traveling spay/neuter clinic.

         The long-term goal is to spay and neuter up to 25 pets each time it makes a stop in a neighborhood.

         It is an educational resource - providing important information on the responsibilities of pet ownership.

         It will also function as a veterinary and medical facility during local disasters.  As it did in New York City, when the Suffolk County M.A.S.H. Spay/Neuter Bus was immediately called into duty on 9/11 and spent 51 days providing relief and veterinary care to the canine rescue crews at Ground Zero.

         A veterinarian and support staff, plus 22 stainless steel kennels, surgery table, anesthesia machines and all the other necessary equipment to provide spay/neuter procedures will be available on the bus.

         The M.A.S.H. bus is a project of Suffolk County SPCA, your local, independent, Suffolk County based animal protective humane society

         The Suffolk County SPCA is supported by private donors. You can help make a difference.

         The M.A.S.H. bus is easy to spot, with a full-body graphic-wrap of dogs and cats.

         The bus will begin making its rounds in April 2002.

Suffolk County Residents can get involved in many ways:
  • Sponsor a spay/neuter day in a low-income neighborhood of your choosing
  • Underwrite the costs of educational materials
  • Sponsor the bus for a month or more
  • Underwrite surgery care equipment
  • Sponsor spay/neuter procedures for enlisted military pet owners

As with any good cause, help from the community is what makes a difference in the lives of everyone - humans, animals and all living things.  There are so many ways - large and small - that contribute to an overall effort to improve the lives affected.

Are you an animal lover and want to help?
Here's how you can be part of the solution . . .

#1  Spay or neuter your pet

Preventing the births of unwanted animals by spay and neutering is the simple, humane and cost-effective solution to overpopulation.  Altering your animals so they can't reproduce insures their good health.  In addition, it guarantees that they won't contribute to the millions of unwanted dogs and cats killed each year in the United States.

Educate family and friends of the need for spaying and neutering

Just pass the word.  Advice from people that you know is often taken more seriously than that from strangers.  Help those around you that do not yet understand the importance of this vital cause.  Ask them to check out our website and maybe, they too, will become part of the solution!

Encourage your veterinarian to offer low-cost spay/neuter fees

Our efforts rely very heavily on the support of the local veterinarians.  Ask your doctor if he or she provides low-cost spaying or neutering - either directly to the public or as assistance to local humane organizations.  Let them know that it is a matter that concerns you and it's importance to the community.


The Suffolk County SPCA is an all-volunteer organization.  Our efforts are dependent on the good will and talents of our volunteers.  There are many ways that you can contribute to our endeavors, whether by participating at local events, offering assistance with special projects . . . whatever your time allows and your talents permit!  Please take a moment to fill our  Online Volunteer Application


There is always a cost associated with helping to solve a social problem.  In many cases, an organization's sole source of income is donations.  Whether or not a cause is the benefactor of grants or public funds, it is rarely enough to do all of the work that needs to be done.  Medical help, promotional materials, office supplies, transportation, utilities, communications and many other costly needs must be met in order to provide the proper level of support in order to make a difference.  Donations to Suffolk County SPCA are greatly appreciated.  Your support is vital to our efforts.  Your entire donation will go directly toward the cost of our programs. If you wish to help, mail your donation to Suffolk County SPCA,  PO Box 6100, Hauppauge, NY 11788 .

Make your pet a Pet PAL (Pets Preventing-A-Litter)

You and your pet can make a lifesaving difference by becoming Pet PALs.  By sponsoring the spay or neuter of one or more pets for families who can't afford the surgery, you will save lives in the future.  You can choose from any of the following suggestions or donate any amount you wish:

Cat - $35 each            Dog - $50 each        Feral Cats $25

Important:  Check with your Human Resources representative to see if your company provides matching funds for donations made to non-profit organizations.  You may be surprised how easy it is to make a sizable donation.  Perhaps you can take up a collection among fellow employees and double the amount through the matching funds program.

Underwrite Operational Costs

  • Underwrite the costs of educational materials
  • Sponsor the bus for a month or more
  • Underwrite surgery care equipment
  • Donate professional services

Contact us if you are interested in helping out in this way.  If you have any suggestions about other ways that people can contribute to this cause, we would love to hear from you

Write to your Local Officials

Call or write your county supervisor to urge them to support local spay/neuter programs.  To obtain your local official name and phone number, call the Suffolk County    SPCA at 631-382-SPCA.

Sponsor a spay/neuter day in a neighborhood of your choice

M.A.S.H. spay/neuter bus is here and is will be rolling out to neighborhoods all over Suffolk County.  Would you like to see the bus in your neighborhood? Let us know how we can work together to add to the number of pets that are spayed or neutered! Lean more about the M.A.S.H. bus! 

10,000 Babies are born each day in America and 70,000 puppies and kittens are born as well. Animal Population is everyone's problem so please Spay/Neuter your pet!

The requirements are:
  • The pet must be a feral cat (NO HOUSE PETS!)
  • The pet must be trapped by you
  • You must transport them to us and then pick them up
  • The pet should NOT be pregnant
  • The pet should be older then 6-8 weeks

  • Drop Off:
  • The pets must be dropped off no later then 12:30 pm on the date of the appointment
  • Must be picked up no later then 3pm the following day.

  • Contact Us:
  • For more information and to schedule an appointment please call us at:
    (631) 382- SPCA (24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week).


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